In Memory Of...

Below are 3 beautiful souls that left this earth far too soon.  These boys are forever a part of the Beau’s Beautiful Blessings Family.  Their deaths were each related somehow to a brain abnormality or epilepsy and we assisted in paying off the funeral expenses.  Leo, Jacob and Amariyan will be forever memorialized on a plaque at the Place to Play Park.

Leo Gladson

May 12, 2009 – July 23, 2013

Jacob Simon

February 15, 2008 – March 31, 2017

Amariyan Morris

March 21, 2011 – January 1, 2018


Garrett D. is from Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to provide with an iPad and the Proloquo2Go App to assist him in communicating.

Mason G. is from Jesup, Iowa. Mason is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.  Beau’s Beautiful Blessings provided Mason with a specialized seat called a Tomato Seat to allow him a comfortable and safe way to sit with his family at the dinner table.

Theo L. is from Iowa and has congenital brain abnormality.  He has hypoplasia of the corpus callosum.  Beau’s Beautiful Blessings paid the registration fee for his parents to attend a conference especially for disorders of the corpus callosum. It allowed his parents to learn more about their son’s diagnosis and meet other families going through the same thing.

Kinnick is from Ankeny, Iowa and has a disorder of the corpus callosum.  Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to purchase a service dog for Kinnick.  He named his dog, Herky.

Luke, from Waterloo, Iowa suffers from epilepsy and also has a diagnosis of mild periventricular leukomalacia and hypotonia.  Due to the low muscle tone as well as seizures he needed an adaptive stroller so that he could go place to place with his family without getting exhausted.  Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to provide him with his very own adaptive Convaid stroller.

Rose, from Waterloo, Iowa suffers from epilepsy.  Due to the physical toll the seizures take on her mind and body, she needed an adaptive stroller so that she could rest and still be taken from place to place.  Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to provide her with her very own bright pink adaptive Convaid stroller.

Carlie is from Mason City, Iowa and has cerebral palsy among other medical diagnoses. Carlie’s eye doctor at the UIHC recommended she use an iPad Pro which has a larger screen so she can see better due to her visual deficits. Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to purchase an iPad Pro for Carlie and she is loving it!

Cody, from Dubuque, Iowa is intellectually disabled. He was getting ready to graduate from high school when his mother contacted us about the need for a keyless entry door in their lower level.  The keyless entry door would allow for Cody to be more independent. Likely working different hours than his mother, he would need an adaptable way (keys are too hard) to enter his basement apartment of his mother’s home. He has support from SCL staff and this small adaptation will keep him from needing a day-hab placement and will allow him to work part-time in the community.

Ellie is from Marshalltown, Iowa and has a long list of medical diagnoses.  Included in her list are CASK gene mutation, microcephaly, epilepsy, intellectually disabled and hypotonia to name a few.  Ellie was in need of a stander to help her gain strength in her muscles and help teach her body how to stand. It would also allow her to stand and play with her twin sister and older sister. Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to purchase the Zing Stander for Ellie and it has been so great for her!

Jose is from Ames, Iowa and has Down Syndrome. He is non-verbal and was in need of a Wego communication device.  We worked with local company, Talk to Me Technologies to put together the perfect device for Jose. Everyone deserves the right to be able to communicate their needs and their thoughts. Thankfully, Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to purchase a Wego for Jose and he is thriving!

William is from Garner, Iowa and has the diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  Insurance purchased an adaptive stroller for him, however, he was in need of more supportive seating while in the stroller. The request was for a folding booster base that would fit in the stroller and provide adequate support and positioning. Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to purchase the JCM folding booster base for William and it is working out wonderfully for him!

Beau N. is from Marion, Iowa and has epilepsy, autism and is intellectually disabled. His family was seeking help paying off the remainder of their service dog cost for Beau. They were getting Beau’s service dog through Cares, Inc. out of Kansas. Beau’s Beautiful Blessings was able to pay off the remainder of the dog.  Beau and his golden retriever, Creed, are doing great together!