Place to Play Park

Place to Play Park

The goal of the Place to Play Park is to build a playground that children of all abilities can play at together.
  • A child in a wheelchair can go to the same park as his/her sibling that has no physical challenges.
  • A parent or grandparent that is disabled can maneuver the park without difficulties.
  • A child that is blind can play with his sister that has 20/20 vision.
  • An intellectually disabled older child can play in a swing that has a 5 point harness system while his sister swings on a standard swing right next to him.

This playground will be an experience, a place you could stay at for several hours; this is why it will include a fully accessible bathroom on-site. It will also have a fenced perimeter to help ease a parent’s mind.

Families in Black Hawk County and surrounding counties will benefit from a park that offers such variety and safety. There is nothing quite like this design anywhere close to this area and we feel strongly that people will travel to experience the park and enjoy what it has to offer. This park will serve adults who need help with mobility just as it would for children.

Inclusive playgrounds are more accessible to all AND they offer a better play experience. Inclusive playgrounds are more than wheelchair accessible. Inclusive playgrounds provide open spaces that allow more imagination, invention and playing together – more free play. The alternative is what playgrounds have now which is prescribed play.

Pictures From The Park!